The Live Beautifully New Moon Ritual

The Live Beautifully New Moon Ritual with Lindsey Rae

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with the moon. Moon rituals have helped me connect with my body's cycles and my intuition in a much deeper way while remembering me of just how connected we all are to the vastness of our universe. We are all made of the earth and start dust after all. 

We all have big dreams for ourselves, and to make those dreams a reality; we need a clear vision. So the more time we spend cultivating a deeper connection, the more clarity we end up having, which allows us to move forward with a greater sense of confidence. The opposite of clarity is confusion and chaos, and let's be honest; we've already got enough of that happening on the regular. 

The New Moon is a potent energetic time to dream big and let your creativity run wild. It's also a wonderful time to begin anything new. If you want to start a new routine, then aligning the time with a New Moon will give you an extra boost and potentially help you stick to it with more ease than had you tried to begin it at another time during the month. I've seen improvements in myself, friends, family, and clients when this alignment is taken advantage of. 

Also, I want to take a moment to really stress that it's so important to conduct a ritual that FEELS good for YOU. I created the Live Beautifully New Moon Ritual as a guide that simply makes suggestions of things you might want to try but by no means is it a must to follow. Personally, I'm beginning to dig more into my own heritage and research specific rituals that were done by my ancestors to continue to cultivate my own rituals. I highly encourage each of you to do the same. 

Don't know your ancestry?  No worries, there are a ton of at-home test kits that are available these days. It's a bit of an investment, but it might be one that is worth it. I did mine years ago through and still reference my results for all sorts of things. It can be an incredibly rich experience to discover so much information about your lineage. It can make a great gift too!

Download The Live Beautifully New Moon Ritual below and start bringing all your amazing dreams into reality!

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