The Live Beautifully Full Moon Ritual

The Live Beautifully Full Moon Ritual with Lindsey Rae

It's official. I'm on a moon-sharing kick! 

While all of the moon's phases are unique and offer us very helpful energy, the New and Full Moon tend to get more attention because they are pivotal turning points within each lunar cycle. With the New Moon being dark it reminds us of the importance of turning inward, gathering our insights, and dreaming of things we want to bring into our reality (read more about the New Moon here). The Full Moon is big and bright, reminding us of the importance to show up fully in the world and be an embodiment of our hopes and dreams. It is a time to shine, and most importantly it casts light on anything that is holding us back or preventing us from doing so. 

Using this time to look at what is working in our lives and what isn't, we are much more likely to be able to identify specific things that need to change or be removed altogether. It's a good time to get rid of stuff that you don't need and maybe clean out the garage, your closet, or that junk drawer! You'll have the energy to do it all. 

The Full Moon tends to heighten our overall energy level, and therefore there is a lot more activity around this phase of the moon. Emotions will run high, and we even see an upswing in things like babies being born during this time in the lunar cycle. Anyone else a full moon baby?! I am - born within two hours of it! My mind was blown when I started digging into astrology and moon cycles more and discovered all of this information. Reflecting back at all those random nights when I just could not sleep and felt so restless...well, now it all makes sense! Having this information and knowing how it personally affects me, allows me to leverage it. 

Having some form of routine or ritual at the Full Moon will help you to connect with all this energy and recognize how it feels for you. The most important thing I can stress is to conduct something that FEELS good. 

I created the Live Beautifully Full Moon Ritual as a guide that simply makes suggestions of things you might want to try but by no means is it a must to follow. Your ritual could be as simple as sitting quietly for just a few moments and reflecting or it could be as extravagant as a full blown moon circle with crystals and friends. 

Personally, I'm beginning to dig more into my own heritage and research specific rituals that were done by my ancestors to continue to cultivate my rituals. I highly encourage each of you to do the same. 

Don't know your ancestry?  No worries, there are a ton of at-home test kits that are available these days. It's a bit of an investment, but it might be one that is worth it. I did mine years ago through and still reference my results for all sorts of things. It can be an incredibly rich experience to discover so much information about your lineage. It can make a great gift too!

Download The Live Beautifully Full Moon Ritual below and start letting go and releasing everything that is holding you back from living your most beautiful life! 

I'd love to hear how your rituals are going so please join The Live Beautifully Community and share! 

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