Why I'm Obsessed with the Moon and Why You Should Be Too!

The moon (aka Luna) is fascinating and the more I learn, the more fascinated I become.  We really can't dismiss the deep connections we have with the moon. This thing affects EVERYTHING, and it's powerful! Luna controls all things fluid and feminine, including the oceans tides, our emotions, women's menstrual cycles, the unconscious mind, and - hello! - our bodies are like 70% water. The moon sets the rhythm of our life here on earth.

Since moving to Southern California from NYC, connecting with nature has become much more important to me, and I've seen first hand what benefits that connection has had on my overall wellbeing.

Hiking, beach walks, and stargazing have been healing for my body, mind, and soul but so has the rituals I've started connecting to like carving out specific time on New and Full Moons.

That's right, I'm talking New Moon and Full Moon rituals, and they are  SO helpful. I've become more connected and clear about what I really want out of life. Goals I want to achieve. What I really value. My deepest dreams, desires, and longings. Discovering and connecting with the rhythms and cycles of my own body. Letting go of things, behaviors, and even relationships that are no longer in alignment with where I want to be heading. Releasing toxic patterns. Establishing new routines that support me now. So. Many. Things.

Giving myself time to do (mostly simple but sometimes more elaborate) moon rituals gives me the space to turn inward, gain clarity and therefore allows me to move forward in a much more effective way. You can really do this at any time, and the most important thing really is giving yourself the time and space for inner dialogue. However, dedicating the time in alignment with the moon gives us all an extra energetic cosmic boost! And I don't know about you, but I'm all about getting any additional support, especially when I don't even have to ask for it ;)

I'd also love to share two of my favorite resources for more moon goodness! One is my favorite astrologer to follow on social, and I always love her New Moon Monthly manifestation workshops, Chani Nicholas. And then for a great general rundown of each New and Full Moon, I always check out mysticmamma.com

Do you do your own New Moon and/or Full Moon Rituals?

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below, or on social, but I'd really love it if you connected with me in The Live Beautifully Community

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