LGBTQIA+ Specific Writings

While in graduate school studying Clinical Psychology to become a psychotherapist, I am blessed to be in an environment that not only encourages but requires me to stretch beyond my white, cisgender, heterosexual lens through deep learning.

I've decided to post two of my LGBTQIA+ specific research papers on my website in hopes they will help others further their own learning. It is painful but necessary to acknowledge the horrific systemic barriers that marginalized communities are forced to endure in our world especially as a person who holds privilege. Because we can't fight to change what we don't know.

As allies, it's our job to educate ourselves and help educate others. I hope these papers contribute to your learning, as writing them definitely helped mine. You can access them by clicking directly on the individual images below.

*TRIGGER WARNING: The following content does contain description of abuse so please proceed with the understanding that it could be trigger for some individuals.

 The Black Male-to-Female Transgender Community: Exploring Multiple Intersections of Marginalized Identities 

Assessment and Treatment of Intimate Partner Violence within the LGBTQIA+ Community