This is your opportunity to make real, life-lasting changes to your health through a customized roadmap which will support your goals and desired lifestyle. Your program will be developed based on your health history, discovery session revelations, lifestyle, desires and specific goals. Over the course of three months, you will gain a clarity of your core desires and what your body actually needs to attain and sustain optimal wellbeing and beautiful living! I will arm you with practical and accessible tools to support you in  your journey, and I will be there alongside you every step of the way.    Bi-weekly meetings and check-ins*  Email support**  Supplemental educational material including books, articles, and worksheets   An optional TODA TURNAROUND detox program at 50% off  Free or discounted entry to any special events, workshops or lectures Lindsey hosts during your program***   *Sessions are conducted on a biweekly basis either in-person (Los Angeles based) via video chat or phone  **Please allow up to 48 hours for response to emails sent Monday-Friday, and 48 hours from the following business day for response to emails sent on weekends and holidays  ***Only applies to events, workshops or lectures hosted solely by Lindsey
      This initial 90-minute consultation is a time where you get to tell me about you! We will go over your Health History Profile, which you will be asked to fill out upon booking a session and dig into what it is you are searching for. Once we've discovered your why we can chat about how I can support you further.    
      Gone are the days of feeling overwhelmed or confused when food shopping. During a guided grocery shopping tour, I will teach you how to shop for healthy foods with ease. We will review nutrition labels, ingredient lists and misleading food claims. You'll walk away finally understanding why those cheese doodles labeled "Natural" or "Organic" still aren't good for you.    1-hour guided tour at your local grocery*  Informational booklet  Wallet-sized organic produce guide  A TODA tote   *Only available at groceries in the Los Angeles area at this time
      It's simple. If you keep healthy food in your kitchen, you'll enjoy healthy food at your table. Let's transform your kitchen into a place that supports your desire for optimal wellbeing and beautiful living! Together we will whip your space into a well-stocked, healthy retreat, where you will feel inspired - not frustrated! - each time you want to have a light snack or prepare a nourishing meal.   2-hour in-home visit*  A TODA tote filled with fun, healthy snacks and samples  Recipe packet  Healthy kitchen handouts   *Only available for homes within the Los Angeles area at this time
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      As a Certified Crossfit Level 1 trainer, spin instructor, avid yogi, snowboarder and tri-athlete, I have an in-depth understanding of the importance of basic functional movement that will optimize the body's performance on a daily basis. Let's get you sweating during one of my customized training sessions or packages so we can really see the transformation you are capable of and the STRENGTH you have!
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      This 90-minute intensive session will help you refocus on your journey. Refocusing will most benefit past clients who have completed the TODA TOTAL TRANSFORMATION program or someone who isn't able to commit to a longer program at this time but wants to take some action now. We will look at the progress you've made thus far, reassess your goals and regain clarity of what is preventing change, all while building strategies to bust through your blocks. This is a great resource for anyone feeling "stuck" or simply in need of a solid session to reenergize and refocus.
      There are times when we all could use a little extra outside support and accountability to keep us on track. This is exactly what TOUCH BASE sessions accomplish. Specifically designed for previous clients of a TODA program, these quick 25-minute sessions are strategically scheduled to keep you focused and moving forward.
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