EP. 003 - How to Own When You F*ck Up with Thaís Sky

In this weeks podcast, Thais and I share the story of what happened a year after she pitched me on her $20k coaching package after just starting to get to know me. It was a tremendous learning experience for both of us. One that we are both very grateful for having. 

Nearly a year after the "pitch" happened, Thais took a vulnerable risk by reaching out to make a repair and fully owning the fact that she fucked up. This conversation showcases the possibility that bud from radical honesty, openness, and humility. 

May we all stretch into holding the complexity of our human experience. And remember... 
...it's okay to be human.
...it's okay to fuck up. 
...it's vital to own your part. 


Age of Aquarius from the Age of Pisces (just google it)
Attachment Theory: I spoke about a book called, Attached, which I read years ago. Since recording this episode, I have learned much more about attachment theory and the one thing I don't love about this book is the fact it doesn't cover disorganized attachment which is very important.

Anyone want to help Thaís finish her joke...
What's going to happen to spiritual women when they realize they can no longer blame fear, limiting beliefs, and mercury in retrograde for all their problems?

Thaís is a truth speaker, healer, women’s leadership coach and feminist on a heart-led mission to support the seekers, the edge-dwellers, and the "why the heck do I feel so broken” of the world reclaim their sense of belonging by learning how to explore, trust and express themselves unapologetically. She also hosts a weekly podcast  where she offers conversations on finding the intersection of feminism and spirituality.

Based on her own healing journey and decades of research and mentoring women worldwide, she has developed a comprehensive model that explores and offers tools/skills to heal the pervasive sense of unworthiness within women, what she calls the worthiness wound.

Thais received a prestigious first-class degree in Management and has studied spiritual psychology, trauma healing, and leadership for over 10 years. Washingtonian Magazine named her as one of the top “8 bloggers to know.” The Huffington Post calls her “an inspirational woman” and she was nominated for Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 award. You can learn more about her and her online offerings at IamThaisSky.com and just about everywhere on social media, because #millennial at @IamThaisSky.

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