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A 3-month integrative GROUP coaching EXPERIENCE for
the human who knows it’s time to GO DEEPER




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How long have you yearned for something more? How many times have you felt a gentle nagging from deep within; quietly tugging at you in the background of every moment? What if I told you that pulling you feel is the stirring of your soul. It is speaking to you in a sacred language only you can decipher. A language you've always known yet have simply forgotten. What if I told you the time to remember it is now? It’s time to listen deeply...

Time to drop beneath the surface level chaos and distraction we call “wellness”
Time to soften the shoulders and
Time to let the eyes flutter closed in the remembrance of all that you are
Time to steep in the ocean of your depth and
reconnect with what matters most - YOU.

It’s time to calm the chaos and integrate a subtle stillness into your life. The type of stillness that allows all your intricate attachments to distraction, consumption, martyrdom, excuses, and the need for external validation to fall away so that you can finally hear YOU. It’s the stillness that will inspire, revitalize, and propel you toward growth.

It’s time to go WITHIN. To call on that well of courage and willingly travel to the inner landscapes you’ve been avoiding. The landscapes that are dimly lit or completely dark. They may seem daunting at first, but I promise, they’re where the feelings of wholeness and home rest within you.

That constant, underlying tugging from your Soul that you can simply not shake? It’s asking you to begin the descent. To go deep WITHIN and begin to participate fully in your own life.

No one can walk your path for you - but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

Before working with Lindsey I felt cornered and overwhelmed with life. I was buried in work, eating out every night, fighting depression and swimming in debt. I now have tools to reassess where I am, helping me gain clarity and balance.
— Camelia Alexandru


+ Even when things feel like they should be manageable there’s a constant low-level sense of nonfulfillment in your life
+ Things in your life are “fine” for all general purposes, but you’re not
+ You catch yourself saying, “I don’t know,” quite often….”I don’t know what to do,” “I don’t know where to start,” etc.
+ You often feel let down by the people in your life
+ You find it difficult to communicate your authentic feelings with those you love
+ It often feels like there isn’t enough time or space for you to just be
+ You’re not super enthused or inspired by anything anymore - that zest for life left somewhere along the line
+ You find yourself reaching for sugar, caffeine, alcohol, social media, TV, etc. to either stimulate or numb you
+ Feeling of overwhelm and frustration are all too common
+ You often feel unsettled, confused, conflicted, and yearn for congruency
+ There’s that THING that your inner voice has been nagging you to do for ages, and you just can’t…



Then this work - this is the work for you. The biggest changes we seek are living in the smallest choices we make.
This work is about integrating the big ideas like values, desires, and dreams into your small, everyday actions.

WITHIN is a 3-month group coaching program in the subtle

Subtle empowerment. Subtle embodiment. Subtle confidence.
awareness. Subtle command. Subtle strength.

The focus on the program is not to teach you anything, but to provide you with the:


to bring your mind back into the awareness of all that you already know. WITHIN is a program designed to support you in creating real, long lasting shifts in your life. Consumption is not our goal…

Inspired, committed ENGAGEMENT with life - that’s our goal.

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Lindsey’s words, actions, and thorough follow through illustrated that she was there to support me fully. I’ve learned how to meditate and abolish negative, unproductive thoughts. She is wise far beyond her years and I would recommend her services without reservation to anyone who is looking for a way to change their lives. Her ability to understand the struggle and strength of others is a true gift.
— Gina Feliciano, PH.D

You ready to really do the work?

Registration for WITHIN is currently closed, but we’ll be back in session February 2020!
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How do we find peace?

We run toward our pain & meet it face to face - together.


WITHIN teaches you simple, practical methodology, language, and technology to cultivate a sustainable, long lasting relationship with your SELF. Our work isn’t to build anything new, it’s to cultivate what’s already there.

You will learn how to dialogue with openness, honesty, compassion, forgiveness, reverence, and joy - both with yourself, and with others.

Over the course of our 3-month engagement together, we’ll explore themes such as:

Emotional resilience

You will gain access to a library of teachings, within which you will explore these themes in self guided exercises pertaining to each section of work. You will then discuss these themes on a live group call with Lindsey Rae and go deeper into the work together.

Sound like all the things you need more of in your life?

Registration for WITHIN is currently closed, but we’ll be back in session February 2020!
Enter your name & email below and you’ll be the first to know when enrollment opens up.




Hi beautiful being! I'm Lindsey Rae, your guide for WITHIN.

I am an ever-evolving student and teacher, born from a compassion driven journey to heal my own trauma.

Along my path, I have been led to a dynamic career in design, personal development, and wellness all through a spiritual lens, and am now pursuing a masters degree in clinical psychology.

The blend of coaching and mentoring that I bring to my work is what I like to call "self directed evolution." 

Under my guidance, you will always be led down the path that allows you to experience the fullness of YOUR lived human experience.

My teachings are rooted firmly in the cultivation of peace, establishment of foundational love, and the education of true strength.

I want nothing more than for you to feel at home and at ease in your body, your mind, and your life.

And I can promise that, should this journey WITHIN be the one for you, I will be your biggest cheerleader along every step of the way.


like samples?

Me too!

Enter your name and email below to get a teeny taste of what WITHIN has in store. I’ll send you a free PDF that will help you refine the next leg of your journey in your beautiful life - it’s called Self Directed Evolution 101.


How does it work? It’s quite simple. All you do is:


The WITHIN curriculum rotates around the core belief that accepting your humanness is VERY deep spiritual work. We’re not here to meditate our way out of our bodies, we’re here to feel our way INTO them.

My best guess is that you already have an intellectual understanding of personal development, wellness, and empowerment, but knowledge is doing about as much good as a thimble would do at trying to hold the whole ocean.

You’re ready for a daily EXPERIENCE in who you are - not another lecture on it - and that’s why WITHIN exists.

This program is designed to be manageable, palatable, and EMPOWERING in its simplicity and practicality.

It is designed to give you a ROCK SOLID foundation of connection, from which you can use your inner compass of deep knowing to live in subtle command of all the compassion, vision, and beauty within you.

And it’s designed to be integrated immediately. Our focus is less on consumption and learning new things, and far more on application. It’s a gentle process. It’s one that unfolds over time. It doesn’t ask that you overhaul your life and commit to total transformation in 3-months…

All it asks is your willingness to sit WITHIN and see where you’re lead.

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the course study:

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clarity & commitment

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month two:

emotional wellness

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month three:

accept your humanness


Month One: Clarity & Commitment

We’ll explore:

  • Recalibrating your inner compass to create clarity and confidence in your commitments

  • Self care best practices - let’s go beneath the external and explore: are you avoiding, or addressing?

  • Integrating the key elements of living a VITAL life into your daily routine

  • Boundaries

  • Why decisions may be hard for you - and how to set in place a system where they become much easier

  • The key foundational elements needed to go from, “I don’t know,” to, “I’m crystal clear.”

Month Two: Emotional Wellness

We’ll explore:

  • Overwhelm & how to know what your emotions are telling you in any given moment

  • Inner command and the ability to dialogue with your emotions vs. just being run by them

  • How to hear and truly converse with your inner self - your inner compass

  • The foundational pillars of emotional wellness

  • Simple practices to cultivate inner confidence, ease, and relief

  • Repeating patterns and the necessity of completing emotional cycles using somatics and self reflective exercises

Month Three: Accept Your Humanness

We’ll explore:

  • What it looks like to release control, and how to do so in a way that feels safe and manageable

  • Disappointment & loss and how to release emotional gripping patterns and behaviors

  • Frustration and it’s reminder of the importance of death during growth

  • Unresolved, open ended situations and the ongoing process of forgiveness

  • Utilizing a holistic grieving process to address emotional wounds, broken hearts, unmet expectations, and facing the reality of whats before you

  • The practicality of compassion

  • Moving through situations with commitment and bravery vs. skirting around them in avoidance and fear

  • Dropping into deep acceptance of your humanness

Lindsey allowed me to see it’s all about balance. She has been an unbelievable mentor. I now naturally feel super energized and a lot healthier waking up every day. Her honesty, motivation, passion, and support have taken me so far down the road I want to be on!
— Andrea Tanella

Course Structure

3-months of self directed implementation with highly engaged professional support & guidance
February 2020


As a part of the course, you receive:

  • Access to all course workbooks, exercises, videos, meditations, lectures, etc

  • 1x 1:1 call with Lindsey Rae

  • 8x group coaching calls

  • Email support between sessions

  • Private group community interactions between sessions

As a participant, you are expected to:

  • Show up to every group call

  • Carve out at least 2 hours each week to center in to the topics and themes of the week & do the exercises and practices given

  • Carve out time each day (even just 5 minutes) to reflect on your experience of life in relation to the content of the week

  • Maintain an honest and open heart

  • Live in a willingness to keep exploring, keep asking questions, and keep refining

As your guide, you can count on me to:

  • Maintain a highly engaged and invested commitment to your growth and success through the process

  • Answer any and all questions that you have with as much depth as I can give

  • Hold a safe and nurturing space for you to explore and unravel

  • Be present for all calls, on time and as scheduled

  • Maintain professionalism and confidentiality

WITHIN gives you the framework and the language to pinpoint within yourself the most subtle discomforts - the ones that happen when you’re just living your everyday life - and the compass and support to begin to navigate your way through them.

Ready to embrace your humanness in it’s fullness?

Registration for WITHIN is currently closed, but we’ll be back in session February 2020!
Enter your name & email below and you’ll be the first to know when enrollment opens up.


Since working with Lindsey Rae, I have completely transformed my relationship with food, kicked a 2L per day diet soda habit, implemented super helpful coping mechanisms, and reinforced my meditation practice. Oh yeah, and I lost 25 pounds! And reversed a potentially severe sleep apnea diagnosis.


One time payment of


3 monthly payments of:



If you’re ready…

If you’re ready to walk into the world each day with a deep knowing that you can stay balanced and centered regardless of what the moment throws you…

If you’re ready to find deep comfort and rest in the seat of your own mind and soul….

If you’re ready to stop looking for answers and start living your knowing….

If you’re ready to move from distraction and into focus

If you’re ready to get out of the grips of constant nagging and back into your freedom

If you’re ready to let go of the small habits and patterns that keep you in mild discomfort and rediscover ease

You’re ready to go WITHIN.

Registration for WITHIN is currently closed, but we’ll be back in session February 2020!
Enter your name & email below and you’ll be the first to know when enrollment opens up.




Got questions? GOOD! I like you already. Here’s a few common ones, but if you have others, we can answer them on our free call together - click here to schedule!

Why do I have to apply to join this program?

We’re big fans of getting to know the person you marry before committing! Not that you’re going to marry me, but it’s important that you have the time and space to make sure I’m the right guide for you on this path.

If I am unable to make a call, will the recordings be available?

Short answer is no. That said, the calls will be scheduled far enough in advance that you will have plenty of time to make them work. And our first one is Thursday, August 1st - so block that date off right now!

The first pillar of this program is commitment. Seems like a pretty simple word, but truly embodying commitment is a whole different story! I want you to begin to understand your relationship with commitment on a deeper level, and so, as you commit to this program, you commit to showing up for the calls - non-negotiable!

I am worried that I will take this program, not see results, and everything will just go back to how it was afterward.

I’ve been there. And this program is deeply rooted in my frustration with the surface level band-aids the personal development world presents us with.

I want this work to be the work that changes everything for YOU. I want this to be the work that leads you to the life you’ve been dreaming of. Which is why this program is less about me giving you information, and focused much more on me holding you in accountability for integrating and implementing what you already have WITHIN.

I’ve worked with professionals in the past that have just held space for vent sessions, but nothing really changed. I want to shift and change, not just vent. Will this course provide that space?

FULL BODY YES. Yes! This is the gentle work that opens a conversation from a place of acknowledging what happened, what was learned, what was gained, and how that will be IMPLEMENTED AND INTEGRATED moving forward and into a version of you that has grown from that experience.

I have never done a group coaching program before and am a little nervous to share such intimate and vulnerable parts of me with a group - but I really want to take this program. Is it possible to go through this program with just you, 1:1?

A magical thing happens when we get together as a group to do this work - we realize we’re not alone in our pain, not alone in our struggle, not alone in our frustration, not alone in our dreams and desires. We start to see that we’re actually surrounded by an incredible community of like hearted beings, and this gives a confidence and elevated sense of purpose more powerful than anything I could give you in a 1:1 experience!

You’ll never be asked to share past your Soul comfort (maybe mind comfort though! ;)) - and everything in our program is kept strictly confidential via agreements everyone in the program signs at the beginning.

How much time will I need to set aside each week for this program?

Each coaching call will be approximately 90-minutes, and you will then need about 30 minutes a day to begin to integrate this work. The nature of this course encourages the removal of the barriers of separation between your “life” and this work - it supports you in the process of integrating the processes with one another. My aim is not that this become an extra “to-do” on your list, but rather the means by which your moment is able to become sweeter, richer and more meaningful - and those “to-do’s” become more joyful and energizing.

Are there scholarship opportunities available for this course?

A sliding scale rate may be available for military, teachers, law enforcement, laid-off/unemployed, and those who are otherwise financially challenged. Please write to lindsey [at] withlindseyrae [dot] com to inquire further.

More questions?

Registration for WITHIN is currently closed, but we’ll be back in session February 2020!
Enter your name & email below and you’ll be the first to know when enrollment opens up.