I'm lindsey rae.
Integrative health coach + optimal living expert.

What does that mean exactly?

I help people live healthier, happier, more beautiful lives.

I guide them through the frustration, overwhelm, and confusion of their path to well-being by helping them create a crystal clear roadmap, including specific action steps, enabling them to thrive in their own optimal health.

Want more details?  

Let’s take a deeper dive...

My true passion in life is to help others.  I regularly find myself encountering people who are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and frankly discouraged in their day to day lives.  They know there is a better way to achieve optimal health and well-being, but are simply confused by how to embark on a journey towards living a better life.  By working together to create an individualized, specific roadmap, I enable my clients to finally find the happiness and balance that they truly desire.

So if you want nothing more than to live a healthier, happier, more beautiful life right now and for good – then you are in the right place! 

Do you often feel disheartened and find yourself paralyzed in this state of overwhelming frustration?  If so, you may simply be lacking clarity in your goals.  Perhaps you are chasing the ideals of others – and let’s be honest - who doesn’t?  The world of social media and oversharing has many of us constantly comparing ourselves to strangers and measuring our own self-worth on their successes.  Feeling this way can understandably keep you focused on the surface-level chaos, and you will continue to use destructive patterns and implement poor lifestyle habits that do not serve you.  This behavior does nothing but prevent you from taking the right action steps towards creating the massive lifestyle changes you are so desperately seeking.

This is where I come in.  I help my clients bust through these frustrating blocks of overwhelming insecurity by giving them the tools they need to make lasting change.  Wanting something more than just a “meal plan,” my clients are ready to do the work necessary to get to the root of the issues causing them so much disruption.  Using an individualized, natural and integrative approach, we push through all of the unnecessary chaos and stressful noise, attaining clarity on the other side.

Together, we co-create a crystal clear and personalized path to optimal living... specifically for YOU!

Why Lindsey Rae...


So what makes me different from any other coach or from you?

Well, nothing at all and everything to be completely honest.

Sure I could say that dedication and commitment is what makes me different, but that doesn’t really cover it. I’ve seen so many men + women who are incredibly dedicated people, yet they continue to crash and burn. And yeah, I may have a dual degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Spirit Junkie Masterclass graduate and (I like to think) an overall badass spiritual entrepreneur, but there was a time when I felt totally frustrated and overwhelmed in creating my own optimal living path, too.

But what I’ve realized through all of the trainings, certifications, classes and general life experience, is that although your path might resemble many others, it will never truly be the same. That’s the very reason I’ve witnessed so many dedicated people continue to get pummeled by the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, seasonal depression, negative self-talk, and illness. It’s because they aren’t following the right path for them!  Either they haven’t taken the appropriate step back to inventory what’s happening in their life, lack clarity of what they really want and need, or were simply following someone else’s formula. And that my friend, will never work.

You can certainly learn from others, but ultimately you must attain clarity so that you can create a roadmap unique to you. Clarity is without a doubt one of the key pieces that is missing for those who are unable to thrive. While I will of course share my story with you for inspiration, what will truly make a difference is the tools I give you to get you through it the way you need. All I ask of you is the willingness to change. If you have that, I will take you by the hand and support you as you move through the necessary work that will ultimately elevate you to live beautifully and beyond your wildest dreams!

My story...

At this point you might be asking yourself why I chose to do this work, or wondering if I hit some type of massive rock-bottom that woke me up...

The truth is my upbringing was unlike most, but unfortunately like many. My biological father was a severe addict who completely disappeared from my life by the time I was two. My step-father was a physically abusive alcoholic. As a result, I was forced to grow up way too fast in order to take care of my mother and younger siblings.

So there it is.  I never experienced one huge, life-altering, rock-bottom moment. To be honest, reflecting back on my life, it sometimes feels like it was crafted by a shit ton of so-called rock-bottom moments. It’s just the hand that I was dealt. Most of my life was spent in fight-or-flight mode due to my caretakers’ destructive behavior, abuse, and my own constant state of fear. This ultimately wreaked havoc on my internal systems. I lived with chronic pain, insane anxiety, and crazy OCD. My severe codependency and control issues eventually led me into abusive relationships of my own choosing later in life. The common denominator was me. I had to make a choice to continue to seek and evolve.


I’ve always been a seeker. I’ve always felt a deep “knowing” that this was all meant to be, even though I couldn’t make sense of it all. That outlook helped me tremendously as I continued navigating my way through life. I believe it is also what prevented me from falling into the arms of addiction. (sidenote: that is not to say I didn’t have my time of abusing alcohol, because in my early and mid-twenties, there was plenty of that.)  But on the other side of it all, I’ve learned how to forgive, heal, move past, and ultimately take better care of myself. Walking this path led me to discover what it really was I needed to live the life I now lead. It was gaining that clarity - knowing that I hold all the power. If I have nothing else in life, I always have my ability to choose.


I have been able to tackle some of my life’s biggest hurdles + limiting beliefs by 100% committing to my own path of personal growth + development. What has that looked like for me? Well, years and years of seeking and learning, which ultimately led me to recognizing that I couldn’t do it on my own. Once I realized that getting support didn’t mean I was weak or that something was innately wrong with me, everything started to shift and massive changes began to occur. It led me into intensive therapy modalities to heal from childhood trauma. I was done replaying the same traumas with different people. I found support, got clear and took action.

Why nutrition-based coaching...

I believe that in order to truly thrive in optimal health you must get your mind right. However, it's nearly impossible to do so if the foods you're consuming are the very block that is preventing that from happening. I struggled through years of yelling affirmations at the top of my lungs every morning, only to sit down and consume a bowl of sugar... I mean, cereal, for breakfast. How in the world was I going to change my mindset while consuming products that continually disrupted my hormones and never allowed me to regulate my emotional state? Our human bodies are complex and they operate just like any other complex machine or luxury sports car. The better fuel and time you spend caring for it, the better it performs. You hear this over and over again because it's true!

The bottom line is that I suffered WAY too long in that state of stressful surface-level chaos; spending so much time and energy on all of the symptoms and not the core issue. For years I battled chronic pain, sinus infections, and yeast overgrowth. The copious amount of antibiotics and other medications I was taking crushed my immune system and gut health. At the end of the day, I was treating my body like crap and feeding it junk. My body was so busy trying to survive that it had no energy left to help me make the much-needed mindset shift from "I'm worthless" to "I am enough." 

It wasn’t until I actively began surrounding myself with an inspiring + supportive community that I realized I was able to take action. I gave up late-night boozing and deep-fried mozzarella sticks for early morning gym sessions and green juice. I made a choice to upgrade my health and therefor up-leveled my life. And I want the same for you. I don’t want you to have to suffer any longer then you already have. My desire is to help you collapse the amount of time spent lost in the chaos and expedite the learning process. I believe all human beings should thrive in a beautiful life of optimal well-being. It’s about reconnecting back to your core and learning how to integrate health into all areas of your life in ways that will truly become effortless. Each and every being on this planet is worthy of living in their optimal state! And I want you to thrive.


lindsey today...


When I’m not busy leading retreats, workshops, coaching clients or designing over at TODA Trinkets, I’m busy creating my own beautiful life path! Investing deeply in my own development is something I do every single day. That is how strongly I believe in walking my talk. The reality is, the journey never ends. I’m always utilizing the very tools I teach to continue my own discovery of optimal well-being as I evolve. I also love exploring Southern California, which I now call home after living in NYC for 10+ years with my husband and pup, Meeko.

Wanna know some other fun facts about me?

People genuinely feel like they can trust me because they sense that I really do care. I inspire, encourage, provide safety through support, and give comfort through honest communication. In addition, I…



...believe that gratitude can transform everything

...am nurturing, loyal and sincere (natural empath over here!)

...have always asked the BIG life questions...why are we here? what’s my purpose?

...am a natural born seeker and total personal development junkie

...was born in Rochester, NY

...went to 8 different elementary schools

...genuinely get really excited + enthusiastic about random things

...find people with emotional depth really interesting

...believe in the power of human connection

...received the following personality test results: ENFJ-T (I’m convinced I’m borderline I/E)

...recently became obsessed with astrology and moon phases

...am a Pisces with a Virgo moon (yes, opposing signs - it’s crazy town sometimes)

...know peace, love, and strength can lead anyone to a beautiful life of optimal well-being

...am a crossfitter, yogi and wanna be triathlete

...believe in love and living courageously

...am a true wellness warrior and love being my own science experiment

...know that truthfulness leads to trust and that lays the foundation for a non-judgmental community + connection

...am dedicated to lifting people up by celebrating their natural superpowers instead of tearing them down by pointing out their perceived flaws

what are you waiting for...


If you want to start experiencing improved health, more peace + ease, positive vibes, stability, and support, then...

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You’ll live life with a newfound purpose that has incredible depth, both a) navigating through life with a clear, personalized roadmap that specifically addresses your needs and desires, and b) highlighting your natural super powers to make you feel like the beautiful, strong and courageous person that you are. Surrender to the essential need and desire of your human core and finally bring absolute stability and safety to your life.

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integrative coach

Lindsey Rae is a certified integrative health & fitness coach, jewelry designerentrepreneur and seeker who has paved her own path of personal development through an optimized lifestyle. She truly believes that making the world a better place and becoming the best version of yourself should be at the foundation of everything you do. Armed with a dual degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, multiple nutrition and fitness certification and a passion for creating a beautiful life from the inside out, Lindsey has helped many people live their happiest and healthiest lives.

She is committed to helping others by making a healthy and balanced lifestyle both accessible and manageable in today's world. Her mission is to provide men and women with the tools and techniques to transform their health and their lives. 

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her Philosophy 

Lindsey runs is a purpose-driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence for personal health and wellbeing above all else. Our goal is to help you heal yourself from the inside out. 

Her programs and services are thoughtfully crafted and adjusted to best suit each client's specific needs and further tailored to enhance their current lifestyle while ensuring a successful journey towards ultimate wellbeing. 

When you make feeling good a priority, everything changes.

If you have the courage and perseverance to employ the appropriate means, even difficult things will become easy to achieve.