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Lindsey’s words, actions, and thorough follow through illustrated that she was there to support me fully. I’ve learned how to meditate and abolish negative, unproductive thoughts. She is wise far beyond her years and I would recommend her services without reservation to anyone who is looking for a way to change their lives. Her ability to understand the struggle and strength of others is a true gift.
— Gina Feliciano, Ph.D

One-on-one coaching is a completely custom designed deep-dive into what matters most - YOU
This commitment will cultivate your potential and facilitate transformation. 
that is both a promise and a warning.

Lindsey’s confidence and early insights helped me dive into some deep stuff and somehow it felt easy. I was expecting a straight nutritionist, but instead, I got an Athletic Life Coach, which is so much more of what I needed. I am stronger, much more aware, focused, and intentional with my training and life habits. I would recommend Lindsey to anyone I thought could handle it and my advice to them would be - hang on and be open.
— Adam Rhodes


Hi, I'm Lindsey Rae. 

Stepping into your life would be a privilege. One that I would be both humbled and honored by. Trusting someone to support you with inner work is very courageous, and it's something I don't take lightly - neither should you.

The work we will do together will be gentle yet deep and requires a strong commitment from us both. My approach is holistic and integrative, requiring you to look at all areas of your life, stay curious, willing, and open to expanding your perspectives to fuel your growth. 

I'd love to hear more about what you are longing for, desiring to create, wanting to release, and anything else you may want to share. You can start by filling out the enrollment form and then booking a clarity call to see if we would be a good fit. 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

- Lindsey Rae.png


Here is a brief overview of some important details that one-on-one coaching requires. Our work together will take place via Zoom video, phone, or in person when possible and will be discussed and decided once your commitment is made. 


Real change and true transformation lasts because it is an act of authentic and conscious maturity. It's evolutionary growth. And that type of growth does not happen overnight or in a single session. It takes considerable time, effort, and commitment. This is why there is a 3 month minimum requirement to work together. I want this work to be the work that changes everything. 


Our first month consists of a 1.5 hour initial intake session followed by weekly 60-minute sessions. We go deep and wide in the beginning, excavating, exploring, and gaining clarity on where you are, what matters most, where you want to go, and how you want to feel getting there. In the subsequent months we decide together how to continue to structure our time, however, with most clients, we move into longer bi-weekly sessions to allow vital integration time. Accountability, encouragement, and support will take place between sessions.


The exchange for one-on-one coaching can be made in monthly installments or in one full payment. 

Monthly installments: $650
One payment: $1800 ($150 savings)

schedule a clarity call by filling out an enrollment form!



Before working with Lindsey I felt cornered and overwhelmed with life. I was buried in work, eating out every night, fighting depression and swimming in debt. I now have tools to reassess where I am, helping me gain clarity and balance.
— Camelia Alexandru

Lindsey is the fairy godmother of health and life coaching! She’s amazing and I’ve found out so much about myself thanks to her support and guidance. Learning easy, affordable, and healthy cooking techniques helped me detox with whole foods and I now know that it’s not only about food and diet. I’m forever grateful for the emotional and spiritual growth I’ve experienced through my work with Lindsey.
— Coral Mujaes

Lindsey allowed me to see it’s all about balance. She has been an unbelievable mentor. I now naturally feel super energized and a lot healthier waking up every day. Her honesty, motivation, passion, and support have taken me so far down the road I want to be on!
— Andrea Tanella

Since working with Lindsey Rae, I have completely transformed my relationship with food, kicked a 2L per day diet soda habit, implemented super helpful coping mechanisms, and reinforced my meditation practice. Oh yeah, and I lost 25 pounds! And reversed a potentially severe sleep apnea diagnosis.
— Laura Byod

I cannot begin to thank Lindsey enough for opening my eyes to Live Beautifully! From meditation to avoiding sugar, and all that in between she continues to enrich my life on multiple levels.
— Jonathan Anthony


*A sliding scale rate may be available for military, teachers, law enforcement, laid-off/unemployed, and those who are otherwise financially challenged. Please inquire about openings on your enrollment form.