What I Eat!

[Note: As my eating habits evolve I will add updates to the bottom of this blog with the dates. It’s helpful to look back at your journey for crucial information and I encourage all of you to have some type of tracking system or log of your own!]


“So what do you eat?”  - I get this question A LOT so I figured what better why to answer it then with a blog post! 

In a nut shell, I choose to eat mostly all whole foods while consuming very little processed “foods” on a regular basis.

Basically I’ll reach for sliced peppers, a handful of nuts or an apple before chips. You'll never catch me consuming sugary beverages like soda. I consciously choose not to knowingly pour toxic crap into my body. 

In addition to steering clear of most processed foods most of the time, I also choose to sustain from all refined sugars and dairy (except for ghee, which I’ve recently added in after being completely dairy-free for almost 2 years). I also don't eat a ton of gluten. I have a pretty sensitive system overall. And it's really important to remember that every BODY is different. So one person's food could very well be another person's poison. 

My daily meals are generally LOADED with vegetables (I’ve learned to really LOVE my veggies), followed by healthy fats and sometimes high-quality animal protein and sometimes not. I haven’t eaten beef since I was about 9 years old. The reason? Well that’s a whole other post within itself. I’ve actually never tasted meats like lamb, bison, etc although I’m currently interested in what that might look like for me one day. For now, I usually enjoy lots of fish, turkey, some chicken and occasional pork.

Sure, I'll take a walk on the wild side from time-to-time and have other types of foods that don't necessarily make me feel so great but it's not a daily activity. I've worked extensively on healing my gut, my emotional relationship with food, and eliminating my super intense sugar cravings. 

Now, the question that usually follows is "Why do you eat this way?" and the short answer is because it's what currently makes me FEEL good in my life.

While studying at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I learned well over 100 different dietary theories, which honestly confused the hell out of me. One week I’d be hearing lectures all about the benefits of eating a raw vegan diet and the next week Dr. Perlmutter would be explaining how terribly grains affect our systems. 

Confusion was precisely where I was meant to be and was the greatest gift I have ever been given.  

It trained me to be the well-rounded coach I am today by showing me first hand the vital importance of bio-individuality. The fact is discovering what foods your individual body needs to thrive is what it takes to live optimally! 

So I decided to keep experimenting. I did a stint of eating completely vegan, I completed a raw food cleanse and a juice fast, dabbled in eliminating sugar, dairy, and processed foods. All while keeping detailed logs of how I felt, what my energy levels and emotional state were like, how my sleep quality was, how my workouts felt, etc. Bottom line, is I put in the time and effort to explore myself!

I was creating my very own customized roadmap to living beautifully.

Finding the Whole 30 along my journey was a very important step. Melissa + David do a great job of providing loads of science in really easy to understand everyday language and I immediately connected deeply to what they call Good Food Standards. They believe the food we eat should:

  1. Promote a healthy psychological response
  2. Promote a healthy hormonal response
  3. Support a healthy gut
  4. Support immune function + minimize inflammation

Sounds like 4 rather reasonable requests of the food we are putting into our bodies, right?

Although I may have slightly different views on having a smoothie than they do, I do really like these food standards and use them in my own life and with my private coaching clients.  

The people that inspire me the most in the world of wellness are the ones who truly walk their talk. They commit to the work, take an integrative approach, and ultimately create information for the rest of us to learn from. 

At the end of the day, this is what I know for sure: 

"The core foundational principles of optimal living are the same but your exact bio-individual formula is different!"

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Start customizing your roadmap today and if you need, I’m here to help


Wow, here we are almost exactly two full years later from when I first published this post. Isn't it incredible how much can happen in the spam of just a year or two?

During this time I've detoxed from serious mold exposure that made me really sick and took me almost a solid year feel physically better. Brain cognition was still something that I was struggling terribly with and through a lot of testing, I recently discovered that I have ridiculously high levels of Mercury and Lead. As I work closely with my team of trusted doctors, I'll continue to share my process of detoxing. 

Being sick for so long really forced me to get in even deeper tune with my body than I was. It also left me with a TON of information from all the tests I had to have. A new level of acceptance also had to happen and I had to come to terms with how sensitive my body really is. And seeing the sensitivity from a place of strength and connectedness instead of something I've been plagued with. 

The biggest thing I realized though is how brilliant our bodies really are! There is a deep wisdom that the body has that is innate. It's truly beautiful. And if we learn to fully trust ourselves it is really a great gift. Needless to say, I discovered a lot more about myself and my body. 

I have never been a huge meat eater, ever, but with the whole Paleo explosion and being in the Crossfit community for as long as I was definitely influenced my thinking around eating meat. I started to think I was doing harm to my body by not eating it, especially because I tend to be deficient in vitamin B. That is a new red flag for me know, when I notice that my thoughts are leading my decisions about what my body needs! From the many, many, many test results I got back I found out that my body has a saturated fat intolerance, which means it's actually difficult for MY body to break it down. So how interesting is it that my body has really always known this information?! Clearly I was never a big fan of eating meat for a VERY good reason. 

This is what I mean when I talk about the importance of connecting with your inner self. 
We all have a deep inner wisdom that is far more knowledgable than any outside source.
It's all about learning how to connect with your inner wisdom. 
Cultivating a relationship with it over time.
Identifying a communication style - (how does your body speak to you?)

For the last year or so, I've been eating pretty much the same but minus the meat. And now since discovering the Heavy Metal Toxicity, minus the fish. 

Until my next update! 


What are some of the common frustrations you've encountered creating your personal roadmap to optimal living? What are things you frequently struggle with? Do you feel like you've found what feels good to eat on a regular basis? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. 


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