3 Common Sugar-filled Pantry Items

When I first became aware of how many major health issues were caused by sugar consumption (hello inflammation, root of all evil!) I immediately jumped right into my own kitchen to start eliminating.  I was floored to discover how many common foods (that some consider to even be healthy!) are loaded with sugar. I quickly learned that giving up sugar wasn't going to be as easy as I thought. 

Right around the same time I also discovered exactly how confusing and misleading the information on the nutritional labels can really be. There are TONS of different types of sugars and therefore so many different terms used in the ingredient list on the nutritional panel. Please do yourself a favor and ease up on the calorie counting and pay extra close attention to that ingredient list which is under the nutrition panel. 

The ingredient list is where the gold is. Each ingredient is listed in descending order, meaning the first ingredient listed contributes the largest amount of the product, while the last ingredient listed contributes the least amount. So yes, all those "natural" and "organic" healthy snacks you have stocked in your pantry might be terrible for you, especially if any form of sugar is one of the top ingredients listed!

Sugar helps processed foods taste better by masking the much needed bad tasting additives to make their shelf-life as long as possible. They also keep us eating them because sugar is highly addictive. These companies don't care about your health and longevity. They care about their profits and bottom line. So always keep that in mind.

As consumers get smarter, those companies become even more manipulative by crafting products with different kinds of sugars and breaking them up by using multiple tricky and confusing terminology. And guess what happens when the largest contributing ingredient is now broken up into 2 or 3 different items... that's right... suddenly it no longer is the very first ingredient! Extremely deceptive. 

In this video I share 3 very common pantry items that are surprisingly filled with sugar! The varieties I show have no added sugar in them at all, exemplifying that there are better choices out there that are indeed healthier for you.

To help you better navigate these tricky and misleading nutritional labels I've created a fabulous and completely FREE download for you! This freebie lists many of the common names and terms for sugar that you may or may not be so familiar with.  

My hope is that this list will help you become the smart and savvy consumer that you are. You'll be able to look at that long list of ingredients and know exactly where all that sneaky sugar is hidden. Just remember to do the very best you can. Always strive for progress. If you accidentally grab a thing of hummus that has sugar in it, you'll make a mental note to approach the hummus section of the grocery store with much more awareness next time. And yes, so many hummus brands use tons of sugar! 

I love hearing from you guys. Let me know if you are thinking of kicking sugar. Or maybe you've recently cut back big time on sugar and want to share some things that are helping you do so. Please comment below. Remember, you never know how many people you can inspire and help through your story! 

Wishing you all a beautiful week.

- Lindsey Rae