How Rewards Can Become Failures When It Comes To Food

Do you find yourself rewarding your good behavior and celebrating wins with cookies, cake, chips, pizza, or other junk food?

Then THIS video is for you! Stop celebratory sabotage and work towards restructuring your reward system, so it actually supports you. 

Continuing an unhealthy pattern like rewarding your good behaviors with bad ones keeps you stuck! It destroys your efforts by derailing your progress and prevents you from truly succeeding and living your best life! 

It is time to master your healthy habits by restructuring your reward system!

Think about how you feel after eating all that unhealthy food because you were celebrating...

Is your brain as sharp as it could be?
Are you ready to jump up and experience something fun?
How are your pants feeling? 
Do you feel rewarded?

Chances are you feel like crap, want to get in sweatpants and sit in front of the TV moaning from your stomach ache or popping Tums to ease your heartburn. 

It can even continue to the next day. When that little mean girl voice starts telling you that you shouldn't have eaten all that, and you totally suck, blah, blah, blah. This can throw you into an even bigger tailspin making you feel shame and guilt. 

Do you see the vicious circle?

NEW FLASH!!! This is NOT how a reward should make you feel!!!

If you are serious about stepping into optimal health and living your most beautiful life then here is an action step for you. Choose a new reward that you are going to commit to using and write it in the comments below.