My #1 Weight Loss Tool

"I get awful heartburn."

"I'm constantly starving."

"My stomach just hurts after I eat all the time."

"I just can't seem to shake these last 5 pounds."

Guess what? You probably aren't chewing your food enough.

That's right. I challenge you to mindfully chew each bite of food until it's mushy and more of a liquid than a solid the next week and let me know if some, if not all, of these symptoms vanish.

Chewing each bite 20-30 times before swallowing is a good estimate to use. 

Here's another really awesome perk of chewing your food fully; ummm, you can totally lose weight. That's right! It's actually my #1 weight loss tool. 

When we fully chew our food, nine times out of ten we end up eating less because we allow our stomach the opportunity to trigger our brain that it's full, when it's actually full.

When you're scarfing food down like a vacuum cleaner, your body can't catch up. Then you're left feeling sick 5-10 minutes after you finish a meal because you're WAY TOO full.

There are so many great benefits of chewing your food. Like I said, we all do it multiple times a day, so why not do it properly?

Let me know if you have any questions about chewing by commenting below or let me know how chewing is making a difference in your health.