Know what to do but still aren't doing it? Here's why and how to stop.

Most of us get stuck in this space of complete confusion. We know what we SHOULD be doing to live better, feel better, do better. Or we know what we WANT to do to live better, feel better, do better, but we just can't seem to do those things that we WANT, NEED or SHOULD do. 

When you run up against this specific problem, it's a very telling experience. This simply means that there is something holding you back from doing the very things that you want, need or should be doing to serve your highest self. It's called a block (or limiting belief) and blocks need to be worked through in order to break through and ultimately transcend them. 

The hard part, of course, is deciphering the block. Blocks aren't always easy to identify and are usually extremely layered and deep-rooted, therefore they can be emotionally taxing and super hard to pinpoint and work through. The good news is all you have to do is START trying to identify the source of the block. Here are 4 steps to jump-start your journey to healing by discovering your block's source.


Hard work can never be done well and with much clarity if you aren't taking care of yourself. One of the best things you can start doing immediately is making self-care a non-negotiable priority. Even if it's scheduling in just 5-minutes of time into your daily routine to do something, but make it specific. Self-care can take on all sorts of shapes and it's different for everyone. Basically anything that brings you joy and makes you feel like you are nourishing yourself on some level whether it be emotional, physical, mental, etc. If you don't know where to even start, here are a few ideas: reading, taking a walk, stepping outside for fresh air, playing with your dog, connecting with a friend for support, smiling at yourself in the mirror, repeating a mantra to yourself, writing, going to yoga, getting a manicure, working out, quietly enjoying a cup of tea, or taking a dance break. If you spend more time in a joyous, self-supportive space through self-care you'll have more stamina to start leaning into the discomfort of identifying your blocks.


I totally get that meditating for an hour each morning (or even 15-20 minutes) might absolutely terrify you. You might be thinking that you don't have that kind of time to spare or maybe you simply wince at the thought of just trying to sit still for that long. I get it. I used to be the girl in yoga class who was tapping her fingers in child's pose and looking at everyone's outfits behind me in each downward dog - not kidding. It's possible that we all have a bit of ADD but I promise it is not impossible for you to learn. If I can do it, so can you! And that is the truth. I've helped tons of clients learn to meditate by using a super simple method given to me by my absolute favorite yoga teacher, Justin Ritchie. You can check out his full post on meditation here. Here's what Justin told me to do and I'd like you to do it now...
Sit down in easy pose or anywhere you feel comfortable and set the alarm on your (silenced) smartphone for 1-minute. Put it down and close your eyes. Concentrate on inhaling into your belly and releasing fully on each exhale until you hear your alarm go off. 
Boom! You just did a mini medi. Congratulations! 
That wasn't too hard, was it? Exactly. So here's the deal - I want you to commit to giving yourself at a mini medi each day for the next 21-days. Extra bonus points if you start increasing your time by 30 seconds each day ;)
Once you start identifying your blocks you'll need to be able to lean into the discomfort of them by literally sitting in stillness when you get triggered. I always tell my clients who are struggling to break emotional eating habits that when they find themselves staring into the pantry or fridge on a full tummy to take advantage of the growth that can happen within these moments by simply choosing right. Close the door, make yourself a beautiful cup of herbal tea, sit, get still, get silent and...


This is the kicker! Once you've tackled the first two steps all you have to do is listen! Like many others, I truly believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Each and every one of us are a part of this divinely woven universe and we are hard-wired with an intuitive intellectual inner guidance system. Kinda like a GPS. It helps us form our values and helps us choose between what is right and what is wrong. It's a pretty powerful tool and many of us have simply forgotten how to utilize it. You see this inner guide is also WHY we know all these things that we should be doing to better our health. If you give it a fighting chance, it will give you answers! I've been guided directly to the source of so many of my blocks through this exact same process and so have many of my clients. When you are taking care of yourself and welcoming stillness you literally invite your inner guide to light the path. You can discover WHAT is blocking you and WHERE it is stemming from. This can happen in many different ways. Some people will experience a physical feeling that triggers a traumatic memory, or maybe the buried/denied memory surfaces through a sense of smell. My only advice is to lean into your discomfort with an open heart and an open mind. 


There is strength and power that comes with community. The bottom line is to seek out the support you need to assist you in making the healthy changes you want to make in your life. And these days it's easier than ever! Join a Facebook group or check out MeetUps for groups who get-together for walks, runs, or bike rides. Reach out to someone you look to for advice and ask them to mentor you. Get to a meeting if you are struggling with any form of addiction. Tell your friends and family your goals and ask for support and accountability. If there are people that bring you down or tell you your changes are "stupid" or anything along those lines then STOP HANGING OUT WITH THEM. Period. You can do that in a very loving way by simply explaining to them that this is something that is extremely important to you, and if they can't support you in a positive way you'll just need some space until you're further down your path. The point here is to surround yourself with people who WANT to see you succeed and are willing to support you. Maybe think about attending an upcoming Beautifully Balanced Workshop or Retreat! That is a sure shot in surrounding yourself with others who are committed to lovingly pursuing their own path of personal development to discover optimal health and wellbeing. 

Facing your blocks or limiting beliefs isn't always a smooth stroll through the park. It takes strength and courage. These 4-steps are what I've found helpful in my own personal journey and my hope is that something here will at least spark you to start down your own path. Life is so much better when you aren't constricted by your fears and paralyzed by your blocks.

Claim your power, make a choice to change, and start living in freedom on a love-based path. 

So which of the 4 can you commit to trying this week? Comment below. Giving your intentions a voice by announcing them in a public forum (like this blog) tells the universe you're ready for change! 

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