Take The Pressure Off

When I first started my health journey and wanting to eat better the thing that stressed me out the most was cooking! I was never a big fan of the kitchen. I never really had a lot of confidence while cooking a meal. And I definitely didn't really know what I was doing. So whenever I would try to cook, I would just get stressed out.


One of the biggest stressors was that I would download these complex recipes, and I would try to follow them exactly, but all the steps and the long list of ingredients would overwhelm me. So I’d end up with these meals that honestly tasted like crap.

(My poor husband.)


Thankfully, I started to realize that I needed to take a step back and start deconstructing the kitchen and my experience in it. This shifted my experience, and I was able to reframe what was happening. Coming at it with a new perception allowed me to recognize that being in the kitchen and cooking a meal for myself was an act of self-care. It was about filling my body with nourishing food so I could live the way I wanted to.


I also started to realize that the cleaner my meals became, the less overwhelmed I felt making them. Bringing it back to basics and simply appreciating the taste of lightly seasoned high-quality food. I no longer felt the need to follow those intense and complex recipes. I brought more effortless effort into the kitchen, and it seriously set me free from the frazzled mess I once had been.


For me, it’s all about taking the pressure off and implementing effortless upgrades in the kitchen.


I’ve been lucky enough to live in areas with beautiful farmers markets, and I enjoy strolling through them leisurely picking out fresh and local produce when I can. But there are times when life gets crazy busy, and I need to implement an effortless upgrade. If I know I’m gearing up for a hectic week, I will opt for pre-cut veggies from the grocery store. I also do my best to prioritize shopping at places that are high-quality and mostly organic. Preparation-free options ensure that I’ll still have nutrient-dense meals when I’m pressed for time.


A little secret that I have is I very rarely if ever purchase a whole onion. It’s true. 99% of the time I buy the pre-cut onion container from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Why? Because honestly, I really dislike cutting them up! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown away whole onions because they’ve sat on my counter top forever. I’m dead serious. So instead of fighting with the freaking onions, I gave myself permission just to opt for a little effortless upgrade so I can always have onions in my warm salads.


So don’t be afraid to give yourself permission to take some pressure off of yourself in the kitchen. What are some effortless upgrades you’d like to incorporate into your kitchen?


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