I’m honored to share this news with you all and I hope to see each of you at a workshop or better yet, a retreat in the near future! Co-creating with Juliet Maris in this amazing new partnership has been so incredibly inspiring and exciting. Here’s a little info about how Beautifully Balanced came about and what it is we are out to achieve.

When you gain clarity on your purpose, everything changes. That's exactly what happened to us…

We were both in it. Trucking down the path of personal development, creating our individual businesses and feeling kind of alone, because let's face it, sometimes this path can totally suck! Quickly recognizing the importance of sisterhood, acceptance and support we realized that we
could be on this path together and we wanted to spread this feeling throughout the world.

Beautifully Balanced Retreats and Workshops were created straight from our hearts with the pure intention of growing a community of support for those who choose the path of personal growth. As integrative healers, we're both super passionate about helping others find balance along the road to optimal well-being while infusing fun along the way.

Our mission is simple:
Work hard, commit to love (not fear) & have fun!

Our first event, the De-stress Workshop will be happening in NYC on Saturday, October 10th! We would be thrilled to have you attend.