I am so excited to announce the official launch of TODA TRINKETS. 

The Designer

Armed with a dual degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a passion for all things beautiful, Lindsey has developed herself into a multifaceted entrepreneur who believes that making the world a better place and becoming the best version of yourself should be at the foundation of everything you do.  She also believes in wearing jewelry that makes you feel happy, inspired and protected.   

Lindsey launched her jewelry line after designing what is now her signature evil eye pinky ring to celebrate both her and her childhood best friend’s 30th birthdays.  Her lifelong interest in symbols of spirituality began as a child, and the astonishing power they signify continues to inspire her to this day.  Drawing from spiritual symbols from around the world, she has crafted a line of feel good must-haves, resulting in a collection of delicate, unique and meaningful pieces to complement to any woman’s style.

 The Jewelry

Thoughtfully designed and meticulously made, these effortlessly elegant jewels transcend boundaries to completely redefine modern concepts of spirituality, love and acceptance.  The TODA jewelry collection consists of carefully designed white, yellow and rose gold pieces accented with precious and semi-precious stones.  With a focus on delicate craftsmanship, the TODA TRINKETS collection showcases pieces that prove stunning fine jewelry can be worn anywhere and everywhere as accessible daily staples.  Fully adorned with diamonds, the TODA TREASURES collection reflects statement-making and impeccably detailed luxury versions of its sister collections' unapologetic beauty and symbolism.

The Inspiration

TODA – a take on the Hebrew word "todah", which means “thank you,” or in Modern Hebrew, simply, “thanks.”  The word TODA is a beautifully simplistic reminder to give thanks each and everyday.  To be thankful for all that we have.