Things I'm Loving...

His and Her scents from Hanae Mori

I'm pretty sensitive to scents. I usually sneeze when walking down the detergent aisle  and I can never go into a perfume or soap store; it's far too overwhelming. So when I find smells that I like and can handle I'm thrilled and want to share them with the world. This Hanae Mori scent is lovely, fresh and light. The male version is just as nice because it's subtle and non-abrasive. Every so often I dip into my husbands bottle just to switch it up. I've also become slightly obsessed with travel candles and was so excited to receive this one from Elisa as a hostess gift at her bridal shower. Lighting one in a hotel room makes me feel more comfortable and at ease. Saying I'm excited about this unscented nail polish remover from Karma Organics would be an understatement. Not only does it not have that harsh acetone smell but the Vitamin E oil makes it extra indulgent. I even bring it with me to the nail salon because it isn't drying like regular nail polish remover.  Also, I'm really loving pretty pink nail polish shades right now.

What's something you're loving right now?

Travel candle from Henri Bendel

Unscented organic nail polish remover from Karma Organics

Pretty pink nail polish from Essie (Haute As Hello, Cute as a Button, Bachelorette Bash)