Weekend Wrap-up

Often in difficult times you have to take a step back, let the dust settle a bit and try your hardest to set your emotions aside to view the situation more clearly. It is an extremely difficult task but if you succeed, it's incredible what you can discover. The truth always emerges and usually takes you by surprise. You'll always learn a lot about other people, a little more about yourself and inevitably, some valuable life lessons. Take the lessons with you and grow from every situation you're put in. If you do so, you'll only be bettering yourself, and isn't that the ultimate goal? To become the best version of yourself? I think so!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I spent mine hanging out with friends, enjoying summer city nights from rooftops and prepping for a very special bridal shower (coming up next weekend). Follow me on Instagram(@todanewyork)/Webstagram and twitter for more fun pics of what I'm up to.