Weekend Wrap-up

Here's my weekend according to Instagram (@todanewyork).

Have you ever gone to a particular place or area of your city that you've been to a million times before and seen it in a whole new way? I've been zipped through Grand Central Station a trillion times before. We took a portion of our engagement photos there and I've even grabbed a quick lunch or two while passing. On Friday night I ended up there for an impromptu date night with my hubby and experienced it in a shocking new light. We strolled through slowly, ate dinner at Oyster Bar and enjoyed dessert/coffee at Cipriani (I've never been to either restaurant) overlooking the center to people-watch and stare at the grand ceiling. It's funny how amazed I was by it all. It made me realize that as a New Yorker, I forget that what I call home is a place where many people dream to see someday. Heck, I used to be one of those dreamers. I always love when I'm rushing down the street and catch the Empire State Building out of the corner of my eye; it stops me every single time without fail and makes me smile. Why? Because it's moments like this that remind me to not take any day for granted, to greet everyday with enthusiasm and excitement, and to remember that I am living one of my childhood dreams by living in this amazing city.