Live, Love, Lauren

Meet Lauren. She's a beautiful 30 year old New Yorker who loves life and lives big. What makes her extremely different than the other girl you just passed in the subway? Well, Lauren can't ride the subway because she unfortunately can't make it up/down the stairs. Why? She learned at the age of 25 that her heart was failing; only pumping at 15% (normal is around 60%) due to Scleroderma & Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.

Living with a pacemaker for about 4 years now (she often refers to it as "The Kicker" in her blog), Lauren has been able to gain some weight and make it to the corner and back without fainting. Although she may look like an average healthy young woman, Lauren still struggles everyday to become better. Her devotion to her health and life are beyond inspiring; reminding us all to be truly grateful for each day we have.

This is where YOU come in. Help CELEBRATE LIFE and honor a true fighter at The Save Lauren's Heart FundRAGER 2.0. It's all going down at the beautiful Angel Orensanz Foundation (yes, I feel an extra special connection due to this) tomorrow, May 31st at 7pm! The FundRAGER isn't your typical benefit, it's going to be out of control fun with a sick DJ, surprising entertainment, a full-blown SKINNYGIRL bar, yummy food and over the top auction/raffle items! Let's do this!

Connect with Lauren more by following her on Facebook, Twitter & her blog. Watch her tell her story here.

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