Weekend Wrap-up

My weekend according to Instagram.

My to-do list for the next few weeks is intimidating. This weekend was initially filled with lots of work projects and a ton of errands. On Friday when I started having sporadic moments of feeling overwhelmed {you know when you feel like you just can't fit everything into the 24 hours that you have?} I decided to take care of only what was extremely necessary and push off the rest. I've realized that slowing down or just taking a break is the healthiest way {for me} to get a grip on that feeling.

And on Sunday, that's exactly what I choose to do. I sat in the park for hours with friends; talking, snacking, laughing and resting. And it got me thinking about something a close friend of mine said to me years ago. She told me that when you get closer to 30,  you simply begin to see things differently...especially your friendships. I wasn't quite sure then what she meant by this but now that I'm closer to the age she was at the time, I'm beginning to understand exactly what she meant by that statement. It's true. You start to see people for exactly who they are and you recognize the importance of meaningful adult friendships. The friends that count will never take advantage of you, always be truly appreciative of what you do for them and would really do anything for you in return. The ones that understand when you say "no," are genuinely excited for you when things are great and are truly empathetic when times aren't so good.

It's funny what you realize when you actually have a little free time and a relaxed mind, isn't it?