A Veggie Delight

The third stop in our Australia trip was Sydney where people were ridiculously friendly, shopping was clearing out my savings and the food was out of control! We had heard nothing but rave reviews about several city restaurants but I had a very particular one on my radar - Quay (pronounced "key"). Arriving for lunch we indulged in local wines, farm-fresh dishes and insane desserts (stay-tuned for that post). I nearly fell off my chair when I discovered a full vegetarian tasting menu was available. Four hours later we happily rolled out of lunch with a top-notch dining experience under our belts. Absolutely wonderful.

My 7-course vegetarian tasting menu included the above 6 dishes.

1. Raw Chinese artichokes, pickled kohlrabi, celery, horseradish creme fraiche nasturtiums & pea flowers

2. Salad of pink turnips & breakfast radishes, pickled beetroot, goats curd, blood sorrel, olive, pine resin, balsamico

3. Silken tofu, baby spinach, lettuce hearts, garlic chive flowers, spring onions, ginger, soy & mirin glaze

4. Organic heirloom carrots, cumin, fennel & celery seeds, comte-infused curd, roasted almonds, quinoa, comte broth

5. Shiitake, enoki & king mushrooms, truffle custard, mushroom consomme

6. New season white asparagus, lentils, faro, hazelnuts, quinoa, truffle custard