Amazing Australia

Since it's nearing our 1 year wedding anniversary I'm becoming more and more nostalgic of the time. I can't say I miss the chaotic-ness of planning or family drama building up to the actual wedding. But I do miss all the excitement, love and adventure that surrounded my now husband and I during that amazing time. We took advantage of the honeymoon and milked it for all we could by taking the trip of a lifetime in our eyes. Traveling for nearly 3 weeks and clocking well over a few days of air travel we experienced some of the most amazing places on earth. First stop - the Daintree Rainforest. We stayed at the Silky Oaks Lodge in North Queensland, Australia where we spent time chilling in our hammock, meeting furry friends and enjoying the fact there was no TV, internet or cell service.

{one of our favorite lounging areas}

{B has me on video stating: "I would give all my shoes up to take you home" me speaking to the kangaroos}

{there's nothing like dining in the treetops of a rainforest}

{seeing our first full grown female croc}