Eyes on the Prize

I'm on about a 3 year plan for having children but I've already considered buying the Missoni Bugaboo stroller - do you think it's too soon? That, along with the fact that my fine china is Missoni can probably tell you I'm absolutely freaking out about the Missoni for Target collection that is launching on September 13th. I've got my eye on a few key pieces that include {but are not limited to} all you see here. Living in New York City has loads of perks like sample sales, street meat and 24 hour deli's that deliver. But all these amazing things don't measure up to the perk that is happening on Fashions Night Out, tomorrow. A Missoni for Target Pop-up store will be opening its doors for 3 days. I can't even! The suspense is killing me and I'm just hoping I'll be able to squeeze over there after work. Wish me luck!