Writing on the Wall


When traveling to other populated cities I love discovering the "IT" spots far from the typical tourist traps. From dining and shopping to bakeries and pubs; I enjoy the excitement of imagining what it feels like to be a local during my stay. There is something about the dynamic of how others live that completely fascinates me. Fratelli Paradiso, located in the chi-chi neighborhood called Potts Point, Sydney, {North South Wales, Australia} was every bit of "IT" you could ask for. Chic families and groups of friends continuously filled the quaint space. The steady rotation of tables kept the restaurant filled and made for great people watching. You'll find no menus here but bits of the offerings appear in the writing on the walls. Conversation over brunch consisted of bartering for one more bite of the others plate and oohing over every edible item that came to the table. Even the jam was incredible.